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These 29 layer Kevlar® XP™ inserts weigh only 1 pound each and are incredibly only 1/2" thick.  Many consumers are not aware of this but Kevlar XP was only available to the military at one time not long ago.  We found that by using Kevlar XP in our design it helps reduce the potential for serious ballistic and trauma injuries found in other similar type inserts.  We use a proprietary Uni-Directional cross ply technology that gives the wearer that extra added protection and therefore peace of mind that they are protected in case of unexpected threats.  These Soft Armor inserts are extremely durable and light weight because they are made with 100% Kevlar® XP™ and covered with a durable black marine grade fabric with Water Repellant Coating that keeps the Kevlar Insert protected from UV light and moisture exposure.

PLEASE NOTE: These Kevlar inserts are rated NIJ IIIA by the National Institute of Justice and will stop up to a 44 magnum bullet from entering the wearers body, being we use 29 layers of Kevlar XP it also reduces the force of the bullets impact which causes bruising from the dent on the backside against the body known as back face deformation.  These 29 layers will help reduce the projectiles impact by up to 15% when compared to other ballistic inserts. Our Inserts also weigh at least 10% less than those made with other commercially available technologies, while still being made of 100% Kevlar® material.

Tests show that Kevlar® XP™ typically stops bullets within the first three layers and the remaining layers of Kevlar® XP™ absorb the energy of the bullet, resulting in less trauma to the vest wearer.

Durable Black Marine Grade Fabric with Water Repellant Coating