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About Us & Contact Us

Bullet Proof Supply formerly known as Kevlar Supply is an online web store that provides Kevlar Bullet Resistant materials to the general public, law enforcement and to the military. We also distribute Kevlar fabrics in short yardage or in larger quantities.

We offer Hi-tech bullet resistant materials and personal protection products.  Bullet resistant armor panels contain the most advanced ballistic composite materials available. Light weight Kevlar® panels are designed and manufactured using the latest state of the art technologies. Our mission is to offer the highest quality bullet resistant and blast resistant products at competitive prices, while responding to customers needs on a timely basis.

PLEASE NOTE: We are a manufacturer not a reseller.  We make our Bullet Resistant panels right here in Northeast Ohio. Not all companies selling Kevlar Panels actually press the panels at their location; those companies are just middlemen aka resellers.  

For US Government and Military Contractors: We are a military contractor Cage Code 3KMJ2 listed in the Central Contracting Registry under Infinity Composites, Inc. and we are also a certified small business. 

Applications for our Bullet Resistant Armor Panels may include: • Judges Bench • Court Rooms • Bank Teller Partitions • Speakers podium • Ticket Booths • Sky Lifts for Border Patrol • Backpacks • Suit cases • Brief cases • Car doors • • Law Enforcement Agencies • Automobile applications / Car Armor • Safe Room / Panic Room • Residential / Commercial Protection • Your Project

Contact us by phone 1-440-992-2334. Fax: 1-440-992-0631. By email-  Our Physical address is 4710 State Rd Ashtabula, OH 44004. Walk ins

are by appoinment only and Send regular mail to Infinity Composites, Inc. PO BOX 1277 Ashtabula, OH 44005-1277